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Trade Union Work

      Since the establishment of the company's trade unions, the company has started its regulation, comprehensively performed its duties, and constantly innovated, created distinctive activities such as “labor competition”, “helping and helping”, “launching engineering”, “happiness express train”, “association activities”, “marriage and funeral condolences” and other characteristics. Additionally, the extensively carry out mass labor competitions, improvement proposals and other activities among employees, cultivate model workers, establish and improve the staff assistance and rescue system, and carry out a variety of workers' cultural and sports activities and skill competitions. All kinds of work obtained the general recognition of the majority of cadres and workers.
      In recent years, one company employee has won the title of “Model Worker of Guizhou Province”, one person won the title of “Model of Labor of China Aviation Industry First Group Company”, and two of them won the title of “May-First labour Medal  of Guizhou Province”. The trade unions was awarded the “Model Unit of Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs in Guizhou Province” and “National Model Workers and Small Family”.